Consultations usually last for up to one hour.  Please take advantage of this time to share as much information about your particular issue as you are able.

Whatever information you divulge is totally confidential, but any information held back may lead to a treatment which isn’t right for you.   Don’t worry, I have heard everything in my care capacity and successfully treated many clients over the years.  It is not for me to judge or form opinion.  My only interest is to provide treatment(s) to address your particular issue.

The more information you provide the better I can talk about the various processes and benefits of clinical hypnosis and/or EFT that would benefit you.  We can then assess together whether hypnotherapy or EFT would be beneficial for your particular issue and put a treatment plan in place for your road to recovery.

I make a point of asking clients to go and have a think about any recommendation and contact myself later if they decide to continue.  I am not a sales person and there is absolutely no pressure or obligation to have treatment.  This is ultimately your choice.

*Clients are asked to pay a £30 consultation fee to cover costs.  This will be deducted from your first therapy session if you decide to to proceed.  Please Contact Us for an appointment.